Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DSLR Lovin'

Here are some of my favorite pictures taken on our new Canon Rebel XS. I LOVE it! None of these pictures have been edited which blows me away. It takes great pictures. Enjoy!

I know I am a little behind but I really want to think hard about my resolutions for this year- SO I will be starting mine a little late. I will post them soon.

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a great start to 2011 =)


  1. i've been looking into getting a new camera & i think your post just won me over.. that camera seriously takes amazing pictures! :]

    aw, that's pretty awesome! :]

    oh, & for some blog award i got - i had to tell 15 blogs i stalk & tell the person.. well, you made the list! so, hope it doesn't creep you out or anything - but i love your blog! :]

  2. Hey Mal! Thanks so much for the sweet comment. Totally not creepy- I should win blog stalker of the century haha. And YES the camera is great! It is especially great for a person's first DSLR. I have used point and shoot my whole life and this is my first "big girl" camera. It is simple to use and fairly simple to learn! Good luck! Let me know if you get one =)

  3. Love the camera --- amazing pics!! And you look gorgeous! :) Hope the holidays were amazing!