Thursday, January 6, 2011

101 in 1001 update

I decided that instead of doing resolutions, I am going to pick some things off of my 101 in 1001 list that I want to complete this year. I have updated the list and added it again below:

101 In 1001

1. Run a half marathon

2. Get 2,000 PROFILE views on my blog

3. Read 50 books (15/50)

4. Join a Bible Study for couples

5. Sing a solo at church

6. Shoot a gun at Mimi’s- 7/3/10

7. Get a tattoo with Pat

8. Start a recipe book with all my favorites

9. Make a scrapbook of our rehearsal dinner/wedding

10. Make a scrapbook of our honeymoon

11. Get a new camera… Canon Rebel or Nikon D (12/25/10)

12. Start a garden

13. Stay in a cabin in the mountains with my husband

14. Go on a camping roadtrip

15. Read through the Bible

16. Go to California

17. Watch Auburn beat Alabama (11/26/10)

18. Get a beach cruiser

19. Get a new car

20. Host a dinner party

21. Get Zumba certified

22. Read Wuthering Heights

23. Go on a girl’s trip

24. Visit all of the State Parks in Alabama

25. Bake homemade bread for Christmas presents


27. Get a teaching job

28. Teach Zumba classes

29. Join or start a book club- August 2010

30. Graduate JSU with a 4.0 (12/17/10)

31. Start on a master’s degree

32. Decorate the outside of our house

33. Stay around 120-125 pounds

34. Start writing for my book

35. Learn guitar

36. Send a handwritten letter

37. Go a week without Facebook

38. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years

39. Get photoshop or some sort of photo editing software

40. Take a self-defense class

41. Leave an inspirational note and book in public for a stranger


43. Sleep under the stars (not in a tent)

44. Write a poem and post it on my blog

45. Go on a mission trip

46. Sew or make something for the house

47. Go to the McWane Center- 7/29/10

48. Get a cool piece of antique furniture and redo it!

49. Send out 50 encouraging words (email, letter, note, text, etc.) (2/50)

50. Tour the Winery in Birmingham

51. Back up all pictures somewhere on the Internet in case computer ever crashes!- 7/7/10

52. Volunteer at homeless shelter or soup kitchen

53. Go to the drive in movie

54. Go on a mother-daughter trip with my mom

55. Attend a play

56. If I get the camera... take photography class

57. No fast food or eating out for a month

58. Watch AFI’s top 100 movies (3/100)

59. Do a book review once a month (2/33)

60. Take 1001 pictures

61. Keep up with my list on my blog

62. Go somewhere on a train

63. Send a message in a bottle in the gulf

64. Go visit Grandma and Roger in Tampa

65. Take photobooth pictures with my hubs- August 2010

66. Pay it forward to a stranger… 10 times! (0/10)

67. Completely clean out car and trunk- and keep it that way!

68. Go to a professional baseball game

69. Go to a professional basketball game

70. Go to a professional football game

71. Stay in a bed and breakfast with my husband

72. Make my blog look a lot cooler- 7/1/10

73. Send Christmas cards to family and close friends

74. Take a first aid/CPR class

75. Do the 3 day cancer walk

76. Donate a bag of clothes a year

77. Photograph my outfits everyday for a month

78. Help Pat with a 101 in 1001 list- 7/2/10

79. Watch all the boys so my parents can go on a date

80. Cook my mom a delicious gluten free meal… dessert and all

81. Try out 5 new restaurants (0/5)

82. See progress through Crossfit (more specific goals to come)

83. Start a loose change jar and collect $500

84. Make Sangria for me and my husband

85. Pick up a new hobby

86. Create a calendar complete with pictures for EVERYONE’s birthday

87. Send a birthday card to everyone on the calendar

88. Post all pictures into a Flickr or Shutterfly account- 7/7/10

89. Turn 25 and LOVE IT

90. Subscribe to 3 magazines I want- one entertainment, one education, and one optional



93. Try rock climbing

94. Complete the newlywed package we got as a wedding present

95. Hang out with “the group” atleast once every 2 months (0/16)

96. Learn how to drive a stick shift- 7/3/10

97. Make a close new friend

98. Learn basic conversational Spanish

99. Organize a HUGE kickball game

100. 365 day photo challenge

101. Create a new 101 in 1001 list at the end!

Ok, so as we all can see I have a LoNg way to go. The main goal that I want to complete this year is joining a Bible study with Pat. We both have so much to learn about God and the Bible and think that studying with others is a great way to about Him. I also want to get a teaching job, start my masters, go on a girl's trip (happening in February), get a new car, do my scrapbooks, volunteer at a shelter, get a tattoo, and go to some Alabama State Parks (now that we know we will be staying around here for awhile). Those are my main goals for now! I encourage everyone to do a 101 in 1001 list. It's fun to be able to cross things off.


  1. umm... I wanna go on a girls trip!!! :-D

  2. #17 is my favorite! WAR EAGLE.

    & i loved the mcwane center as a kid.. i haven't been there in years, though.

    good luck on your list this year! :]

  3. But you did number 20! You had us over for chili, I would call that a dinner party!

  4. Love this list of things you want to complete this year! This is a fun idea! Happy New Year and WAR EAGLE!