Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty means...

Day 1:  What does beauty mean to you?

This question could go so many directions but to me beauty means:

- Having confidence
- Knowing yourself
- Standing up for what you believe 
- Loving God
- Loving others
- Loving yourself/your body
- Being passionate
- Smelling good =)
- Taking care of your body and health

The world puts so much emphasis on outward beauty- but don't you know those people that look great on the outside but have nothing beautiful on the inside? I wish we lived in a world where we were judged by our inner beauty instead!

What does beauty mean to you??


  1. So are you saying someone that believes in a different god than you or not god at all isn't beautiful in your opinion?

  2. Absolutely not. The question was what does beauty mean to me. I said that seeing someone LOVE God is a beautiful thing. I didn't say anything about beliefs- I'm not here to judge or question ANYONE'S beliefs. In fact, if you knew me you would absolutely know that. Seeing someone love anything with a lot of passion is beautiful to me- it could be God, their family, their significant other, animals, books, whatever. I just love seeing people love.