Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Faves!

It's Friday, so it's time for FRIDAY FAVES! Is it sad that I look forward to Friday not only for the fact that it is the weekend, etc., but I get to do Friday Faves! Ha I'm such a dork.

Here goes!


Being a paleo lately has made me come up with creative lunches. This might be the best salad I have ever had! Romaine, carving board turkey, avocado slices, a sprinkle of cheese, a couple spoons of dill relish, and oil/vinegar dress. YUM. 


Yes this is the weather report in North Alabama today. I'm in HEAVEN! Makes me really miss home in Pensacola though =(


Pat's grandmother just finished this book and let me borrow it. A lot of her students had been reading it so she had to check it out for herself. SO glad she did because I can't put it down. 


We are moving in a little over a week to a new house in town. I am so excited because we are finally going to be able to fix it up however we want! YAY!! It is a wonderful 3 bed/2 and a half bath house with a big backyard, a den with a wonderful fire place, etc. I will be doing a full before and after feature on it once we get it all finished. The men are hard at work doing the hard labor (laying new flooring, fencing in the backyard with a privacy fence, etc.) and me and my mom are busy picking out paint colors, etc. I am so excited to show yawl!


No, I am not training for a half marathon. I just really like following this training plan because it keeps me on track for getting 4-5 days of exercise each week. I like plans. If I begin to feel like I actually want to apply this stuff towards a race one day then so be it. Now, I am just doing it for exercise, enjoyment, and accountability. Thanks Miley for the plan!

What are your Friday Faves?!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seeing green

Since I am not following my tradition- spending the day lounging on the beach with my friends in Pensacola from 10 am - 2 am wearing our green bathing suits (or atleast our green coverups), I figured the least I could do in honor of St. Paddy's day is post some of my favorite green items =)

Was that the longest sentence ever? Ahhh

CUTE bathing suit... Victoria's Secret

Skirt from Forever 21

Love this romper from VS

Teal pillows for our couch!

Don't Mess With OPI... from the new Texas collection

Multi-Way dress from VS

Casual lime tank dress from VS... would be great for the beach

Ohhh my this onesie from Etsy...

Leather earrings from Etsy

And last but not least a throwback picture from St. Paddy's day 2008?



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Throwback part dos

Earlier today I posted some pictures from my old computer that were from my senior year of high school... now I am about to dump a TON from the first few years of college! Maybe 2005-2008? Oh and they are alllll mixed up- I'll try and label them if I can remember =)

Freshman dorm decor

Boots and Boxers... I think it was our first social as Alpha Gams

Auburn football- friends visiting my freshman year. My GOSH my little brother was tiny. P.S he is now a little over 6 feet tall.

Sophomore year roomate... Meg

Home for Miley's lingerie shower

And rehearsal dinner...

Still friends- since middle school!

 Wedding day! Maid of Honor's, Kylie and Haley. 

On the other side of rush... soooo much hard work. 

Junior year roomate, Lindsay

One of my favorite pictures ever! Live from the dance floor at Hannah's wedding.

With my college BFF, Natalie, on her birthday.

 The best memories! Tailgating for Auburn football.

One of my very best college friends, Laura.

St.  Augustine trip... dating for a few months, 2008?

With my fresh haircut =)

Before the affairs... don't worry we are just friends =)

Hahah long story... Miley worked as an event planner at Marineland in Saint Augustine and in order for us to come visit her at work we had to pretend like we were interested in getting married and she gave us the tour of the different wedding packages. HA. 

Just riding the gator at the Alligator Farm. 

LOVE this picture. So Miley. 

And last but not least... a picture of me and Pat shortly after meeting in 2006. HAHAHAHA. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed my throwback pictures! So fun to look at!



Welcome to throwback photos, edition 1! Haha. Pat is gone with the computer today which has forced me to look at blogs from my old jacked up iBook. The fun thing about it has been looking through my old picture on iPhoto. I got this laptop my senior year of high school (2004-2005), so it hold pictures from the end of high school and the first three-ish years of college. Here are some of my favorites from high school:

If you follow my blog regularly, you have seen Miley before! This is on our senior cruise.

Formal night on our senior cruise

Cozumel I think? I thought this was the best picture ever... cameras have come a long way. 

Jamaica mission trip... summer after junior or senior year? I went both years so I am not sure which trip these are from. 

Sweetest boy... we made this frame the first year and when I came back the second year he still had it in his room. 

I will never forget this child.... George was his name =)

The school we visited in Jamaica.

I LOVE this picture. 

This was at the baby orphanage.

Flying home from one of the best trips ever. Jamaica Mission Team was the bombbb.

Babysitting my sweet cousin, Finn, who is now almost NINE!

A little glimpse of the damage in our backyard from Hurricane Ivan, 2004. 

My high school BFF's... Miley and Kylie. How funny.

Be back later with more from the beginning of college! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sorry If I got you excited... It's not my giveaway!

Arielle, at A Beautiful Journey..., is doing a fantastic giveaway involving TOM's shoes! You only have two more days to enter. I think you should.

And to top things off her blog is adorableeee.

Still have a long way to go until I do my giveaway! Follow me here or on Bloglovin' and I will do my giveaway when I reach 50 in either place! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 31 FINALLY

So I am finally doing my next Project 31... it is now Spring Break and I can finally breathe again!

Day 25.  Style 31.  Post a pic of your favorite comfy clothes.

Road trips are a perfect time for the favorite comfy outfit. We rode with my sweet aunt to visit my Mimi in Dothan. This is my go-to when I am aiming for comfort. Danskin leggings, black rainbow flip flops, and a grey old Navy t-shirt. It may possibly be the softer shirt in the world.

When we got here we hung out for a little bit and watched a beautiful sunset from my grandmother's back porch.

Then we got dressed and got ready to head down to Marianna to see my cousin in "The Little Shop of Horrors".

Grey dress: Targer, Black cardigan: Old Navy, Black belt: thirsted, Necklace: Belk

Joy brushed her teeth the whole way and I laughed... until she gave me a Wisp and I proceeded to do the exact same thing =)

We watched the play, which was AWESOME, then got to go out to dinner with my cousin and finally meet his new fiance Madison!!! YAY! We love her =)

And that is stuff in his hair for the play by the way... he was an old man =)

Today we hung out outside because it was BEAUTIFUL! Me and Pat went down to our river, got stuck on the four-wheeler, and had a great time making memories of us =)

Soo cold!

Just pondering =)

Cool looking river wall

You can tell Pat took these pictures? 


And now we are stuck.

Get the sticks!


Yay!! After we were out these were his shoes...

Beautiful view of the property on the way back

Great weekend so far! We have been doing good with the Paleo diet. We brought apples, bananas, nuts, lettuce, and salad dressing. Last night at Ruby Tuesdays I had a turkey avocado burger with no bun. YUM. Today I had chicken, a little bit of roast, and cabbage for lunch. Tonight was leftover chicken on a salad with oil and vinegar. Yum again. 

Night night! We have a run to complete in the morning!