Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ok we are finally back at our house and out of the weird time warp we have been in for the past four days. We took literally like.... 500 pictures. Here are some of my favorites from our "Snow week". Beware- there is a lot! Oh and ignore the attire... we aren't used to this snow thing so our outfits are definitely not the cutest =)

We may or may not have gotten a little bored being stuck inside... lol definitely started pushing Aaron around on the generator wheels. 

The snow was coming down!! This was the first night... Sunday (please note my father-in-law in shorts and boots)

This is our front porch... please ignore the Christmas lights on January 9th. They just looked pretty with the snow =)

The sign in front of our house looked sooo pretty! Good picture Pat =)

Some of the boys having a blast in the snow!

Andrew... straight chillinnn

Hahaha love this pic! Pat and Andrew killin it on the sled

Snow dog! I think Malcolm had the most fun out of anyone


One of our best inventions of the week.. sled attached to rope attached to four-wheeler. SO fun.

This is what we call the "redneck sled"- yes it is made out of a truck bed. 

Pat pulling me on the sled

Just felt like doing a handstand in the snow... don't ask.

One of the coolest pics Pat took! TJ on the four-wheeler

Maybe the only picture we have together all week... haha we were both behind the camera so much we forgot to get any together!

This picture is the story of our week... piled on the four-wheeler with the sled in the lap. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed the snow pictures! I hope to add some videos later after some editing!

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  1. These are so cute!! and they make me want a better camera! haha