Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

Here they are guys! NOT in order except the first one really is number 1 =)

1. Marrying the man of my dreams on May 1st, 2010
2. Inheriting the best new family in the world
THE RYANS! My picture disappeared!
3. Going on the most perfect honeymoon to Playa Mujeres, Mexico

4. Moving into the most adorable new house

5. Spending the entire semester with this awesome 3rd grade class

6. Watching the Auburn Tigers totally dominate the SEC and getting ready to watch them play for the National Championship.

7. Going on the Ryan family beach trip as a RYAN for the first time!

8. Spending lots of awesome times with my best friends... this picture is of my and Miley spending a relaxing couple's weekend at the Girls' Ranch

9. GRADUATING from JSU with an Elementary Education Degree!

10. Spending our first Christmas as a married couple was pretty special!

There are a million other special things that happened in 2010 but these are some of the main things. Hope you all enjoyed! See ya in 2011!
What was your best memory from 2010?


  1. wow! it looks like you had a very full and fun 2010. congrats on all of your amazing happenings.

    and i have to say, the back of your wedding dress is absolutely stunning. i love it!

  2. Gaining one of the bestest Neice-in-Laws ever was a great moment in 2010!! Love you HayHay! And all of those moments were special to me too. Well, except the ones I wasn't a part of but knowing they're special to you makes them special to me! You are awesome and I love you tons! So glad you're a Ryan. :-)

  3. Thanks guys! Love ya Jenny Leigh =)