Saturday, July 31, 2010


We received the DVD of our wedding pictures in the mail today. Eric Chapman is the BEST! I am going to try and show you our wedding through pictures.
So ladies and gents...

Welcome to our ceremony site... Heaven on Earth. Big Oak Girl's Ranch Springville, AL.

Here is my dress... it's a real beaut

This is the back of my dress- I show you because it is my favorite part =)

This here is a picture of me and my dad. He had just seen me for the first time in my wedding dress.

We decided to see each other before the wedding and go ahead and get the family pictures out of the way (as you will see we have HUGE families). This is the first time me and my lovely groom saw each other:

Here we are! Just hangin' out... about to get married =)

I absolutely LOVE this picture:

And I'm so glad I get to kiss these lips everyday =)

Here is an amazing artistic picture of my bouquet:

and of Pat's boutonniere:

This is us trying to be serious... P.S.- when did my husband become a MODEL?

I love this picture of our beautiful flower girl, Jenna Kacy, surrounded by our beautiful flowers:

These are the best bridesmaids EVER:

These are the best looking (and sweetest) groomsmen ever:

This is a Showtime TV show ad? (looks kinda gangstaaa)

This is a beautiful culmination of two ranch families becoming one =)

Here is a close-up of the beautiful flowers at our ceremony:

Meet my cousin Finn- don't worry he is just taking a quick "bathroom break" as people were walking down the aisle:

Here he is! "Awaiting" his bride... this picture makes me MELT:

Slowly but surely I arrived...

And walked with my most special man to my other most special man:

We said our vows, then kissed this awesome kiss:

and that made me sooo happy:

Then we were announced "Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryan" and made our special walk:

As we boarded our carriage, these CUTIES walked the aisle:

When the carriage was loaded, we headed to the reception:

We held hands the whole way =)

When we arrived- we were so excited we literally "jumped for joy":

Then we danced, like we were the only people in the world =)

Remember that other special man? That walked me down the aisle? Then I got to dance with him:

We gave each other a little toast... "to life", we said:

It went "down the wrong pipe" for Pat, so I had to laugh:

Then we danced the night away...

and went on our merry way!

Thanks to THESE people that made our dreams come true. We love you so much and are more thankful than we can ever express.

Hope you enjoyed our wedding through pictures!

Friday, July 30, 2010

It is so hard to live by faith...

The title of this blog is a direct quote from my best friend, Miley. The other day we were having a conversation about where we are in life right now. It has been on my mind all week. Honestly, I have a lot on my heart today and am having a really hard time getting anything out.

I guess I feel like being personal today =) To try and put things in words- I am a planner, a list maker, a "concrete sequential" to the core. To be patient and wait on the Lord to reveal his plans is hard for me. I hate admitting that but it's true. I like to know what's next- where we are going to be, what we are going to be doing, etc. I feel like something BIG is coming... but I have no clue what it is. We keep telling God that we are open- to an adventure, missions, new places, new jobs, WHATEVER he wants us to do. I honestly feel like he is going to take us up on that because I feel it. I just want to know. I will be graduating in December and I want to teach as soon as I can after that. But do I want to teach here? In the ghetto of New York? In South America? I don't KNOW! I want to do it ALL and I wanna know NOW! I have been so consumed with wanting to figure things out and get the ball rolling that I forgot that it's really not up to me.

Basically, Miley summed it up. It IS hard to live by faith but it is essential because without it we will drive ourselves crazy. God did not intend for us to know our futures or we would already know them.

I was being whiny and spilled all of this to my brother-in-law this morning and he shared with me some points that Pastor Larry Grays shared last night at church. I mean if this timing wasn't perfect....

1) WHO you are is more important than WHERE you are. I seem to have lost sight of this awhile ago because all I have been focusing on is where we are gonna be, etc. etc. What am I doing for the Lord to prepare for wherever we end up? Not much to be honest...

2) There are choices and tradeoffs.

3) It's not just about me. Ummm whoa! Because I am pretty sure I have been acting like it is. What about God? Or my husband? Or my family? Or my future family?

4) God's things come to those who wait. Yea forgot about this too... I need to take a breather, chill out, pray, continue to SEEK, and wait. Simple as that.

5) God's grace is greater than our struggles. In reality, this struggle I am going through is so small and insignificant compared to the grace God shows as we wait upon Him.

So, thanks to the insight of my bestie and my brother-in-law, I have realized how selfish I am, how powerful God is, and how perfect His plan will be for us when he reveals it.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little about me

I saw this on my friend Mallory's blog and decided to do it myself. She is so inspiring! Check out her blog here.

I love... God, life, my husband, my family, my dog Chloe, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, reading, singing, all music, shopping, thrifting, blogging, school, watching children grow and learn, coffee, exercising, Project Runway, Target, Peanut M&M's, water with lemon, mexican food, snuggling, I could go on FOREVER!

Right now I want... to go back to sleep to get rid of this headache!

I feel like... Jelloooo- Crossfit was intense today!

I hate it when... people talk about others and start unnecessary drama. 

I fear... losing the people I love.

I'm lonely without... I don't really get lonely. I love it when I am with my husband and family which is most of the time. If I'm not with them I read and I'm good =)

I need... to live more by faith and not worry so much!

Today I... participated in an intense Crossfit session, came home and drank some coffee while watching Regis & Kelly, and now I'm blogging and wasting time. I should really get up and do something productive... ehhh maybe not ;)

Tomorrow I'm... going to the McWane center with my mom and some of the boys, going to IMAX, running, and preparing for my Mimi and Aunt Joy to come on Friday!

I just... wish my husband was home right now =(

I want to meet... hmmm honestly I don't know? I think it would be cool to meet some celebs but I dunno. Not that big of a deal to me I guess. I would rather meet someone who has done something really awesome and significant for the world.

I love it when... I see that a child finally grasps a concept at school- it's like a lightbulb goes off and they gain so much confidence in themselves. 

I'm afraid of... uncertainty. 

I'm listening to... Robbie Seay Band

I'm wearing... sweaty workout clothes! haha... Nike shorts and a tank

I wish I was in... Italy or Spain with my husband

I want to get... some cute and comfy black shoes for teaching. Any ideas??

I can't... believe I have one more semester of school and then its real world time.

My Mom thinks I'm... her favorite only daughter, her friend, and her confidante.

My Dad thinks I'm... his little baby girl! 

I'm happy when... I'm in the sun =)

I'm sad when... I see a child that is in a terrible situation and they just want someone to love them. I could cry after being in the classroom everyday. 

I'm disappointed that... I have made some of the mistakes I have, but you live you learn right??

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little glimpse...


I am constantly being inspired with blog ideas from other bloggers I have found on the internet. There is SO much blog talent out there it's unbelievable! I have found some that I love reading on a daily basis. Some for entertainment, some for fashion tips, some for deep insight on life, etc. Today I am doing this one just because it sounded fun. So, here is what's in my purse:

1. Most importantly... my cell phone =)
2. Handy dandy Coach keychain/wallet
3. Checkbook that I NEVER use
4. Mac Russian Red lipstick and Mac Cherry lip liner
5. Cargo lipstick in Eve Pinky
6. A nail file (I cannot live without this)
7. Tweezerman tweezers (the best)
8. Sally Hansen quick dry yellow polish
9. Zyrtec (can't live without this either!)
10. Foam hand sanitizer from Bath and Body in Warm Vanilla Sugar
11. Ipod touch
12. Ed Hardy lotion (not an Ed Hardy fan but definitely LOVE the smell of the perfumes)
13. Clean and Clear oil sheets
14. My camera of course!

Just a little fun thing for the morning. Will have a good blog tomorrow because I am completing one of my list items today!!


I have never done a currently post but saw one on a blog the other day and decided I wanted to do one:

Currently reading:

Current makeup obsession:
Russian Red lipstick by Mac with Cherry liner by Mac

Current nail polish faves:
I have the yellow and teal and LOVE them...

Current workout program:
Currently listening to:

When I'm just chillin- Julia Sheer"You Will Never Be", Christina Perri "Jar of Hearts", The Band Perry "If I Die Young", Zac Brown Band "Free", Brian and Jenn Johnson "A Little Longer", Ray LaMontagne

When I'm hitting the gym- B. Spears "Infectious", Passion Pit, Head Automatica, and Girl Talk duhhh

Currently wanting to read:

Currently obsessing over:
Pit Bull Puppies

At this very moment I'm feeling:
like I need to go to the gym and go get some groceries so I need to get off this blog and get MOVING!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

I know it is only Saturday evening but our Birmingham excursion is quickly coming to an end. I am pleased to say that we completed my professional clothing shopping yesterday with khaki pants, a khaki skirt, a dressy denim skirt, a baby blue cardigan, and a silk tank that will look great tucked in a skirt with a cardigan or blazer. Overall, I am very pleased with the professional clothes I purchased and definitely think I can be a "stylish teacher". I had a fantastic time with Ariel on Wednesday and Thursday, a great "date day" with my husband yesterday, and today we were blessed with a short opportunity to see our best friends, Miley and Chris.

Shopping at the Summit on Wednesday

Looking gorgeous on Thursday morning after a late night of talking and being silly =)

We clean up nicely haha.. before hitting the Galleria on Thursday

Of COURSE I don't have an pictures from me and Pat's "date day"- I always forget! But we slept in, spent a nice amount of time at Target, went to Belk to look for comfortable black shoes, and ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. YUM.

We did manage to get some at lunch with our besties today:

I love them so much. It is so great having some "married couple" friends that can share advice, stories, and inspire us like they do.

Headed back to Gadsden tomorrow for a day of cleaning, schoolwork, and a good night sleep. Back to the real world Monday (but it is my LAST day of class). Speaking of- everyone received their student teaching placement letter in the mail today EXCEPT me because the ranch does not get mail on Friday or Saturday. Ughhh the anticipation is killlling me! I will post on Monday.

P.S- more songs to come soon!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can cute clothes and professional clothes be one in the same?

Goodness GRIEF it is hard to find professional clothes that are still remotely trendy. Since I am starting my internship in two weeks I realized (today) that I need teacher clothes for EVERY DAY!! I decided that I don't really wanna go with a look that screams teacher at first glance. I wanna remain myself with my style but vamp it up to a professional level. So... Ariel and I had one main goal for our shopping- find cute versatile pieces that we can wear for our student teaching experience. I was at a loss at Belk, Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Company, etc. Guess where I racked up my fellow teachers?? TJ Maxx! Here are some things I got:

4 cute sleeved tops that each go with khaki, black, or brown (some go with all three!)
A precious short sleeved denim jacket that will go with anything
A pair of gold flats

Tomorrow we have plans to go to Target to get a pair of nice khaki slacks, a khaki skirt, dressy denim skirt, and cardigan.

With all that and some snazzy jewelry, I think I can be a stylish teacher? I have GOT to beat the sterotype.

And by the way... the night without Pat was very weird and definitely not something I want to do often. He is here now though and it is allll good!

Any other professionals out there.. what do you wear to work and where do you shop???

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First night alone... am I ready??

I am excited about tomorrow and dreading the thought of it at the same time. For the first time in the (almost) three months of our marriage I will be spending the night without Pat. I am heading to Birmingham to house/dog sit for my Aunt Joy and Pat is not available to come until Thursday night =( I'm not quite brave enough to stay in her big ole house alone so I have summoned my good friend Ariel to come along with me. I am excited to shop and hang out and eat good food and have girl time BUT the thought of crawling into bed and not having my hubs to snuggle with is kinda weirddd. SO in order to take my mind off of missing him we have have plans to hit up:

I think this is a good coping strategy! Ok all you married people... was your first night without your hubby a little weird?