Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend in review:

Hung out in PJs

Babysat puppies

Cuddled with Hubs

Watched "Get Him to the Greek"

Finished Season 6 of Weeds

Shopped at Target

Ate at Flip Burger

Read at Barnes & Noble

Tried to go to two different churches- faillll

Hung out with awesome friends Miley and Chris

Had a taco bar

Played Catch Phrase

Had a quick visit with more awesome friends Aaron and Hannah

Slept in

Had a three hour coffee date with a wonderful friend

Ate a delicious Japanese dinner at Konomi with the G's (Hubs' grandparents)

Got back home and catching up on TV shows with hubs.


P.S- I'm ridiculous and hubs laughs at me. We are watching The Bachelor right now from earlier and I'm crying while Ashley S. and Brad are watching Seal perform. No lie. I'll cry during Biggest Loser tomorrow too. I cry in commercials about children and dogs. lol. Just a little tidbit about me.


  1. haha it is okay. I cry every time Emily tells her story of her fiance dying in the plane crash and then finding out she is pregnant. I also cry during the biggest loser and then from American Idol during audition weeks. Some of the people think they can sing and I laugh so hard I cry. lol Just thought I would share too. :)

  2. I'm so glad someone feels the same way as me! lol. Biggest Loser gets me everytime!