Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miley Bluuu

Dear Miley, 

     Today on my Project 31 challenge I am supposed to write to encourage a friend and inspire her beauty. As my best girl friend in the whole entire world, I wanted to write to you. I know that this is a silly way to tell you how awesome you and how much I care about you- but it is all true love!

 I don't need to write to inspire you! You are already SUCH an inspirational person. I love your fun but compassionate spirit. You inspire me all the time. Even though you broke my leg in 7th grade- I have gotten over it and truly look at you as a role-model. Your sweet, adorable marriage has been a great thing for me and Pat to watch as newlyweds. You guys "know the ropes" a little more than we do. I love coming to you for advice because I know that you have been there already! 

We have so many awesome and hilarious memories and I can't wait to make thousands more! I am so happy that our hubbies clicked and are great friends as well. It sure makes life a lot easier =) I love our "couple retreats" and it is gonna be super cool to have kids together and make them "family trips". 

Keep on being you, Miley Blu. You truly are a blessing in my life!

Love you!!


Enjoy our photo montage... I wish I had our high school pics on hand. HAAAAA. NOT. 

How could you not love that face? 

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  1. You are so sweet to me! I love you very much!! :o)