Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 24

What is Jesus teaching me right now?


I have been so busy and overwhelmed- working hard at two different jobs and trying to fit in time with my husband and family also. I have had to give up/cut back on some passions which has been hard (blogging every single day, reading blogs for hours, reading books, watching all my favorite shows, etc.) but they have been replaced with other more important things. Church. Family. Teaching. Children. What else do I possibly need?! I am so thankful Jesus is showing me to slow down and enjoy.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Gatlinburg with the 6 Ryan ladies... G-Mommy, Mrs. Donna (My MIL), Ashley (Pat's aunt), Jenny (Pat's aunt), Lindsay (My sis-in-law), and me! 6 ladies, 10 bags of luggage?, one car, 4 hours, infinite bathroom stops, haha you get the drift.

I can't say I will be blogging while I am gone relaxing and enjoying life with my new family, but I will take LOTS of pictures and come back with a wonderful roundup post hopefully.... Monday? We have plans to relax, shop, eat good food, and possibly zipline!

I'm trying to set up a post to post automatically tomorrow so we will see if the technology works!


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