Thursday, December 9, 2010


So... I can't do the post I planned about the Christmas party we attended last night because Pat hijacked HIS computer! Can you believe he would need and actually take his computer? Haha. The pictures I uploaded from the evening are on it and for some reason won't load onto mine. Oh well.

 I'm gonna leave you with some of my favorite videos from "The Sing-Off" so far. If you are not fortunate to have watched this show yet, I suggest you DO! It is an acapella singing competition that moves me more than any singing I have ever heard! The groups do not use instruments but produce beautiful replications of beats and percussion with their voices! SO amazing. My favorite group is from Huntsville, AL! Alabama represent!!

This is my other favorite group, The Backbeats. The lead singer is amazing and the person making all the percussion sounds is a girl! AHHH! Love it. 

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do! It is better on TV and you need to check it out on NBC! 

Heading out for a decorating day with my mom, an Internship Christmas Party, and a sleepover at my parents while Pat is out of town. Be back tomorrow with Christmas Party pictures! 


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