Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy busy bee

Pardon my absence... I have been a busy lady. From my college graduation and party Friday night, our taco dinner celebration and intense Quelf game Saturday, Ryan family Christmas on Sunday, two nights in Birmingham shopping, and a brunch this morning- I am ready to settle!

Graduation day was just a great day! We had practice bright and early and then my sweet friend Katie kidnapped me and took me to get mani/pedis! She is the best. We walked to Firehouse with our snazzy salon flipflops on with boots in hand. Haha.

I rode out to the ceremony with hubby and we got there just in time for me to run in and get in my seat. He did manage to snap this photo of me on my way in.

It was not boring and was actually pretty exciting for a college ceremony. My dad finally did what he has been threatening to do my whole life... yelled out "THAT'S MY GIRL!" as I walked across the stage. He is so sweet =) Here are a couple of pictures oh me and my friends after the ceremony. The good ones are on my parent's camera.

Saturday was a great day! My friends came over to my parent's house for a taco dinner and then we came back to our house for a game of Quelf. If you guys haven't played that game, I suggest you do it ASAP. It's HILARIOUS. It is as random as random gets... but so much fun. This game is NOT for the shy!

Sunday- Ryan family Christmas. Good times with good people. Got some fantastic perfume that I LOVE. Marc Jacobs Daisy is my jammm. After we finished opening presents, visiting, and having a singalong, I headed to Birmingham to stay with my Aunt.

We did some shopping over the next two days. I got everything done and am so happy!! Christmas shopping at The Summit is not an enjoyable experience the week before Christmas. Glad I made it back to small-town, USA.

Off to enjoy Christmas eve, eve, eve with my hubby. Be back soon!


  1. You got Marc Jacobs Daisy!!!?? Jealous!!!! I have been telling all my family and friends to play Quelf...haha! Good times!

  2. Can I find this "Quelf" game at Wal-mart?

  3. Yes Katie! I LOVE it! It smells ahhhmazing. Jessica- should be able to get Quelf at Wal-Mart! If not, I got it at Books-A-Million! It's the BEST!

  4. SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Congrats on graduating. Love your pops! :)

  5. Hey you guys!! What about Mom????????? :(