Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Monday!

First of all, it's noon and 23 degrees outside in Alabama! What in the world is up with that? Not good for this little Florida-girl's body. Actually, Pat and I diagnosed myself with Urticaria... cold allergies. NO LIE. Last winter I was trying to train for a half marathon (this is when I determined I will never be a "runner") and was running completely bundled up, with gloves, etc. My hands would start hurting SO bad. When I would get in and take my gloves off my hands would be swollen and often had hives. It only happened in the extreme cold or snow or when I was out there for awhile. We looked it up on Google and WebMD and came up with this. I know it sounds like I'm kidding... but I'm totally not. I mean who in the world is literally allergic to the cold?

ANYWAY- I have decided that since music is such a huge part of my life that I am going to start doing Music Mondays. I hope I remember this when I am writing next Monday. haha. I am going to feature a current recording of myself, or a new favorite artist, or a song I currently have on replay on my iPod, etc. With that being said, my first Music Monday feature is a recording that Pat and I did yesterday. I wish I could take credit for the guitar playing and the singing, but it is my wonderful husband on guitar with me singing. Since it is getting close to Christmas, the song is our version of "Oh Holy Night". Just click on the play button below! Hope you all enjoy.

image from weheartit


  1. i think i'm allergic to the cold too! it's 35 here! YUCK!

  2. Ya it's awful! I'm STILL in a robe and big socks haha

  3. So impressed with your singing missy.. and of course pat's guitar skills... miss you! what are your plans for the holidays?
    -Jamie W

  4. I love love love love your singing!!!!!! PIPES!! :-) And Pat's got some skills too! Lets start a band, I will play "tramboline!"

  5. Thanks guys! Jamie- I am not really sure exactly what our plans are. I graduate Friday and then will be going to my grandparents Christmas day. Hopefully a Pcola trip is in the works! Katie- Thanks love! Our band is a must.. I bet you are a killer "tramboline" player. Haaa

  6. That was GREAT!!! Never heard you sing before.
    I have the same problem with cold----I call it a "thermal allergy". If my hands or feet go from one temp extreme to another, they start to itch and then swell. It's especially worse when they get cold.