Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nothing like game day in the state of Alabama

I'm back!! Sorry I took a short little leave of absence this past week. I don't know what my deal was to be honest. I was SO exhausted that I literally would come home at about 8 pm (from a full day of teaching, class, etc.) and crash on the couch. I had no desire to do anything! Blog, read, watch TV, etc. Literally, all I wanted to do was sleep. BUT after a break from working out for two days, a good nap on the couch yesterday, and sleeping until ten today- I HOPE things will get back to normal. Anyone know what could cause this??

Anyway, we had a fun week at school. Morning duty meant getting up 3o minutes earlier all week (maybe that's what threw me off? haha) but I was in charge of teaching Grammar and Math all week. We had some fun =) I love my sweet kids... I have a little posse that surrounds me all day everyday. So funny.

I'll catch up on picture posts...
DAY 25
"A picture of what you did today"

(this is from yesterday that I missed)

It was Auburn/Alabama day at school... this is our sad little Auburn group =(

Ughhh our teacher is a Bama fan! =)

Still cute... even in their Bama gear ;)

I LOVE this picture.. they are hilarious!

How precious are these girlies?!

Haha they played with my hair for about 20 minutes... you can't see but there are two boys in the back who actually started it!

What a fun day! Now- it's GAME DAY BABY!!! So... I'll be retiring to the couch for the remainder of the day. WAR EAGLE!

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