Monday, September 6, 2010

A night under the stars

Last night, my husband and I decided to spend the evening outside (we had to cross it off my 101 in 1001 list!). It was the perfect night with no school or work today so... why not?! Here is a summary of our evening:

Pat pulled his Jeep up in our yard to block off our spot:

Then we dragged a tarp and our guest room mattress outside to assure a good night sleep =)

Pat got a fire started in the fire pit we got our parents for Christmas:

We roasted hot dogs and smore's over the fire:

Pat burnt his a little bit =)

My smore was deliciousss

It was SO hot, I had to roast my marshmallows like this:

I set up our beds...

Grabbed Chloe to come hang out with us... she was going crazy inside and proceeded to go crazy outside:

Retired to the bed to watch the Bama game from Saturday night...

As soon as we got cozy....

Guess who came back?!

Hahaha he loves us =)

Today, we enjoyed the day off and having a bed outside in our yard. Let's just say it was too hard to sit inside to do lesson plans... so I packed it up and headed outside :

I did this...

While Pat did this...

Ok, I might have joined him for a bit. Don't laugh. We love our life =)


  1. That was awesome!! Loved seeing all the pics. You guys have some fun together, don't you? Love you, Mom

  2. This is something my bf would totally love to do! My little dog is named Chloe too :)