Sunday, August 8, 2010

World's Longest...

YARD SALE! I randomly heard of this amazing thing yesterday and did a little research. Today we attended. Wow. This yard sale is made up of thousands of booths and took place this Thursday- Sunday. It literally goes from Gadsden to somewhere in Michigan. What?! If I hadn't decided to wear new flats that rubbed blisters on my heels and it wasn't 102 degrees I could have stayed allll day long! It was so much fun and the food was absolutely delicious. Here are some pics:

We walked around,

Stopped for a picture,

Looked at cool clothes (pardon the bra strap),

Found some really cool things like this pipe (125 bucks!),

This chain metal glove thing like they had on Shark Week,

and these Kiss statues for 100 bucks (who would buy these?! haha).

This place was really cool... lots of antique signs, posters, etc.

Including this sign... I can't imagine living in those days. Yuck.

We ended the day cooling off in a tent with some delicious food that they cooked right there in front of us (doesn't get much better than that!)

Courtesy of these people =)

What a fun day with my hubs but boy we are BEAT! We are looking forward to exploring it more next year now that we know a little more about it. I hope to get to bed really early tonight because tomorrow is a biiig day! Wish me luck with my 3rd graders! xo


  1. looks like y'all had such a blast! love your dress!

  2. I've heard of this yard sale but I've never actually gotten to go! It looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I didn't want the pictures to end. I love looking at yard sale items. Only I didn't have to bare any of the heat and walking. :)