Monday, August 2, 2010

Student Teaching

Ohhh my goodness!

I met my cooperating teacher for my internship today and I LOVED her! I will be student teaching in 3rd grade at Mitchell Elementary starting on Thursday! Two days of inservice and then the kiddos come back on Monday.

Pray that I have the experience of a lifetime and learn practical and useful information for my future classroom. Pray that I impact the lives of the children and that they have an impact on me. Pray that I make good friends and mentors in the teaching world. Pray that I can learn from my teacher and she can learn from me. Pray for me to be filled with patience and compassion every day.

I am so excited to start the next phase in my life. Before we know it, it will be December and I will be graduating. Wow. It's amazing how life goes so slow and so fast at the same time (that probably only made sense in my head).

Goodnight friends. Pray for me =)


  1. You will LOVE this time in your life. Student teaching was my best memory from college. I loved every minute of it and learned so much. Now I am teaching a couple doors down from my student teaching classroom and I would be so proud to teach there for 30+ years and retire there. I LOVE IT!

  2. seriously, i remember learning so much during student teaching. it is overwhelming and awesome all at the same time. you'll do great!

  3. You are going to be awesome and do awesome things! The kids are going to love you so much. One of Cotton's favorite teachers was his student teacher and we still keep in touch with her. I know it is just the beginning of so many great things ahead.

  4. I will be praying for you but I know you're going to do just fine and you're are going to embrace the kids. Props to you for wanting that. If every teacher went in with that heart and mindset, we'd have a lot of kids out there achieving great things. So I will be praying God has his hand on you during this internship and you have the right things to say that will impact someone even if its something as simple as saying they looked nice. :) Rooting for you girl!