Saturday, August 7, 2010

These are my confessionssss

Keeping the music quotes going from yesterday I thought it would be appropriate to title this one with a little Usher line. I found this on a friend's blog and am really excited to do it. So here ya go- my confessions =)

FIVE things you wish you could say to FIVE different people right now:

1. Thank you for your constant hard work and faith in the Lord. Because of these things we WILL have a blessed life.
2. I wish that you lived closer and that we both weren't so busy with life because you TRULY are the best friend a girl could ask for.
3. Words cannot express how much of an influence you have had on me- thank you for being the ultimate and best role model in the world.
4. I'm so thankful for the impact you had on my earlier life- you taught me how to communicate, feel, love, and trust God.
5. I pray for you everyday and am so proud of the person you are... you will move mountains with a faith like yours. I know you are younger than me but I admire you so much!

TEN things about yourself:

1. I love playing around with random outfits in my closet- it's fun mixing and matching things.
2. I could honestly take home every dog at the pound and love each and every one of them with all my heart.
3. I wish I could take in every hurting child in the world and love them more than anything.
4. My favorite music ranges from rap to country to alternative to indie to christian to classical to reggae to... you get my point.
5. I would work out EVERY day if I didn't have to change into workout clothes and get to the gym.
6. I feels things sooo deeply in my heart I am literally moved to tears OFTEN.
7. I really, really love reading- it's kinda scary how much. I think I could do it all day every day.
8. I wish there was some way I could do everything I want to do- but I don't think it is remotely possible because I do no have the funds or time.
9. My favorite place to be is in the sun or in the Gulf surrounded by people I love.
10. I have the BEST family in the world. I don't know how we got blessed with so many awesome people in one big and happy family but I am SOOO glad we did.

SEVEN ways to win your heart: (my heart has already been won so here is what he does)

1. ALWAYS a gentleman- opens doors, pulls our chairs, etc.
2. Makes me laugh... all the time. Love it.
3. Shares his deep feelings with me and listens when I share mine.
4. Always up for an adventure.
5. Puts up with my randomness and ridiculous addiction to shopping, thrifting, etc.
6. Makes me feel like a princess EVERY day! (I mean- brought me breakfast in the bed this morning for no reason!)
7. Love me for exactly who I am and never asks me to change a thing.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:

1. How can I make Pat happy? (or just Pat in general)
2. What is on my to-do list today?
3. What am I going to eat today that is not ridiculous?
4. Why can't I go shopping?
5. Where are we going to be this time next year?
6. How can I influence a child's life today?
7. When can I hang out with my family?

Four things you do before you fall asleep:

1. Take off my makeup and brush my teeth
2. Plug in my phone and set the alarm
3. Talk to my hubby
4. Read until I fall asleep

FOUR things you see right now:

1. Pat
2. Chloe
3. Kat Von D on TV
4. My favorite blanket (softest thing ever from Costa Rica)

THREE songs that you listen to often: (currently)

1. Addison Road- What Do I Know Of Holy
2. Brian and Jenn Johnson- A Little Longer
3. Zac Brown Band- Free

TWO things you want to do before you die:

1. TRAVEL all over Europe
2. Have babies and raise them right

ONE confession:

1. I dance and sing at the top of my lungs when I am alone ALL the time, I cry a lot, I really do not enjoy running I just make myself and pretend like I do, I sometimes talk in a mean tone of voice and hurt people I love, I get very defensive when I do something wrong, etc., etc. etc.
( I guess that was more than one but I just started typing and it wouldn't stop!)

Ok well that is that! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Leave a comment and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of me (yiiikes!)


  1. I like this post. What a great idea.

    First thing that comes to my mind? Your family is important.
    You must travel to Europe before you have babies! :)

  2. You are so awesome!! I love you soooo much!!

  3. I only got to hang out with you briefly before I graduated high school, but I loved that you and your family were and are so close. That made me smile.