Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My most exciting post yet...

Just kidding guys... sorry =( My photo of the day is supposed to be "What I Ate For Lunch", haha. Now if I had eaten at some insanely hip restaurant in NYC or LA- MAYBE it would be a cool post. I ate in the Mitchell Elementary lunchroom as a recovering stomach-virus victim. Get excited about this one!!!

Here is what I had:

On another note... today was a great day at school. I taught my first lesson this semester and it went over great. The lesson was mainly a review on subjects and predicates of sentences. We mostly just reviewed and did some examples but then we played a really fun game called "Silly Sentences". I assigned half of the students to write a subject on their strip (ex. My dog, or Mrs. Ryan's Class, etc.). I assigned the other half of the students to write a predicate on their strip (is really cute and cuddly, is the best class ever, etc.). I then called random pairs of students up to the front to put their subject and predicate together. It turned out SO funny. The very first sentence combination was "Bob the skeleton" and "shakes his booty". Bob the skeleton shakes his booty. Next up we have... "That crazy kid _____" and "ate a bird". I mean who else would eat a bird besides the crazy kid? Haha. Another combination was "Crazy women" and "are fun". Haaa little do they know =)

Good stuff today! Can't wait to see the kidlets tomorrow!

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