Sunday, August 29, 2010

My loved ones

Day 21
"Pictures that make me think of my loved ones"

There are so many things that make me think of my loved ones. Songs, pictures, smells, etc. The MAIN thing though is the Holidays- mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every memory of these holidays from my ENTIRE life are with my loved ones- my family.

Images courtesy of weheartit

Most of the memories take place at Mimi and Papa's house for Thanksgiving, our house with our family for Christmas Day, then back to Mimi's for another Christmas celebration.

The past couple of years we have swapped places a few times- venturing to Joy's for Thanksgiving or even our house last year. But the memories are the same. My family is my life.
Also the last couple of years we have had to do some planning in order to incorporate holidays with my family and the Ryans. We are SO lucky to have two amazing families that we get to share our time and celebrate with every year.

I look forward to the holidays every year- not just for the food and football games on Thanksgiving, or the delicious desserts and presents on Christmas- but for the times with my family that I will cherish forever.


  1. We are so blessed to have a such a special family. It is becoming a rarity. And thankfully, you have married into another one of those special families. Awesome!! Love you, Mom

  2. This makes me smile and just to think.. This time of year is just around the corner!