Friday, August 6, 2010

Feelin' like Fall

Well it's not technically "feelin' like Fall" but I am definitely "feelin' like talking about Fall". I know it is 100 degrees in Alabama right now and merely the thought of these clothes makes me sweat but I LOVE FALL CLOTHES so I thought I would show you guys some things that make me excited about the upcoming season...

This oversized sweater paired with shorts, tights, and oxfords

These Deena & Ozzy short and slouchy boots

This big brown Deena & Ozzy satchel

These precious Seychelle heeled oxfords
Lace-up Sam Edelman wedges

Love this vintage looking Grandpa cardigan

Blazer with shorts... loveeee

Teal tweed blazer

Fall in Alabama is not like Fall in other places. We mostly have to stick with transitional pieces and then BAM it's freezing. So weird. That is why I tend to gravitate towards blazers and cardigans paired with shorts and tights, etc.

For my favorite look, click here.

Anyway, today we wrapped up inservice days and are prepared for the kiddos to come. It is going to be an awesome year and I can't wait to see all the smiling 3rd grade faces come 7:30 am on Monday.

Oh and just a quick question that has nothing to do with school and more to do with our future... who agrees with me that some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers? (Thanks for the inspirational line, Garth. It is really hitting me right now!)

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  1. Love your style Haley! And you are so right about having to have transitional pieces in fall!