Monday, June 7, 2010

Zaxby's sounds sooo good

So... for the first time today I had a major craving for some real food. Like fiesta lime chicken, or Buffalo Wild Wings, or ZAXBY'S. The Diet Coke headaches are back...which stinks. I have concluded that those things are lethal. I am NOT going back to drinking them when we are done (or atleast I'm gonna try really hard). Other than that... things are ok. Running out of creative meal ideas. Any ideas anyone??

ANYWAY... no more food talk. It's making me hungry.

Yesterday our devotion was called Five Smooth Stones. It was a GREAT devotion. It was referring to the five smooth stones that David used to kill the giant Goliath. The devotion was saying that we all have giants in our lives (busyness, laziness, finances, lust, addictions, etc) and we should constantly refer to scripture in order to defeat them. We are picking our "five smooth stones" of scripture tonight and we are going to put them on index cards and keep them where we can refer to them when we are "facing our giants". She encourages you to recite them daily and even memorize them if you can. I am excited!

What are your five smooth stones to defeat your giants?

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  1. someone suggested to me that posting them outside of your shower (if you have clear glass of course is a great place! gives you something to think about while you are in there. i love you and miss you greatly!!! xoxo

  2. He alone is my ROCK and my salvation. He is my fortess, I will never be shaken. Psalm 61:2
    (no pun intended!)
    Allison Gough