Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy's Day

Words cannot even express how much I love this man. I am going to give it a shot though...

He is my biggest role model in life for many reasons...

- He is the spiritual leader of our family with faith like no other
- He puts the Lord first, then our family. NO MATTER WHAT.
- He loves my mom with all his heart
- He is incredibly smart is sooo many ways- business, law, people, etc.
- He is the easiest person to talk to in all circumstances, even hard ones
- He gives me incredible and useful advice for life
- He knows everything! (atleast I feel like he does!)
- He gave up a life of money and success to help children in need
- He followed God's call and came to the ranch to be a father to boys that don't have one
- He set the bar high when I began dating. I had some HIGH expectations because of him and now I have married someone that has a lot of his great qualities
- He loves me unconditionally and I will always be his little girl

Thanks Daddy-O for being the BEST in the world.



  1. What a sweet, wonderful tribute. You "honor" him every day with the way you live your life!

  2. OMgosh Mr. Perkins! LOVE HIM!!!!! Such an amazing man! :) Happy Father's Day Mr. P!