Friday, June 18, 2010

Vintage bliss

I cannot BELIEVE the vintage Flora Kung dress that I found at the Gadsden thrift store today for 1 dollar!! Oh my gosh... it makes me melt.

1 dollar folks! Wow!

Found some other awesome things as well including pink Ralph Lauren shorts, a precious plaid top, and a comfy little red dress I can wear with my previous thrift purchase, the Sumo belt =)

2 bucks for these shorts

Don't remember the price.. 2 bucks I think

1 dollar

I'm still in shock over the Flora Kung dress. I already removed the shoulder pads and everything =)

I also discovered this little vintage online shop called Nelda's Vintage Clothing today. I wish I could have found some of these today at the thrift store.

Here are some of my favorites on her site:

Best Cotton 1950s  Eyelet Dress
Eyelet dress- 1950's

 Vintage 1960s Mini Shirt Dress
Striped shirtdress- 1960's

 Vintage 1960s Nylon Mini Dress
Nylon minidress- 1960's

Mad Men Vintage 1960s Dress
Mad men dress- 1960's

 Yellow Jerell 1970s Vintage Sundress
Vintage sundress- 1970's

Laurence Kazar 1980s Black Dress
Laurence Kazar cocktail dress- 1980

I could keep going for hours but we are about to give Avatar a shot. Until tomorrow!

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  1. oooooh great finds! i love the nylon mini dress and lk cocktail dress from Nelda's :) thanks for sharing!