Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seeing someone you know on TV never gets old...

Last night I had the pleasure of watching a girl I went to church with my whole life, cheered with in high school, etc. make her TV debut on MTV's "The City". Smith was a University of Alabama student who started her own fashion line, By Smith. Her line is sold in boutiques all over the United States and she was invited to show it at the "Gen Art's 6th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion" show in Miami. Whitney Port, the star of The City, was also showing her line at the show and there were several shots of Smith and her line on The City episode last night. Sooo cool! I had major chills. I am so happy for Smith and proud of her for all she has accomplished. Here are some pictures of Smith and her designs:

Smith is on the left, walking down the runway at the end of her show with one of her models

Love this dress... everything is made from Thai silk. Beautiful.

Some of the pieces she showed at the Gen Art Fresh Faces show in Miami

Check out her designs at


  1. that was so cool of you to blog about smith! she really appreciates it - and i love your blog! i'm such a nerd-- i love them. i have one, too.

  2. Haley! I love this post, you are too sweet! I am very excited that my company is worthy of blogging about. Call me if you come to Atlanta, would love to see you!