Monday, June 14, 2010

Gettin' down on the farm

We had SO much fun with our bestest friends in Luverne, Alabama. We went with the intentions of staying for one night and did not return for three days! We are seriously SO blessed with the most amazing group of friends possible.

We four-wheeled, built bonfires, played board games, made up our own games, watched some World Cup, went on an adventure to the river, discovered an old, abandoned trailer park, stayed up and watched the sunrise, and laughed our BUTTS off.

We had a little issue with our Daniel Fast. I am ashamed to admit that we had to take a break. We originally planned to stay only Friday night so we only took a very small amount of food. We took two veggie burger patties, some peanuts, raisins, blueberries, and hummus. We ate that the first night when everyone else tortured us by eating Waffle House! The next day we had decided to stay and realized we were out of food. We just HAD to cave and eat some real food. Being outdoors all day in 100 degree heat with no sleep does not go over well with no protein!

I surprisingly felt like crap after eating real food and very happily started back on the fast this morning. We are planning to add two days to the end of the fast.

Here is a little picture tour of our weekend in Luverne:

This was our meeting place. The Big Cat. lol

Gorgeous sky on the way into camp

This is what they ate on the first night...

And this is what we ate... =(

Three a.m four-wheeler ride to the haunted trailer park

This is how I had to drive the four-wheeler because it was burning my legs so bad

My favorite boys!

Me and my best friend in the world! (check out my outfit haha)

Gorgeous sunset behind the house on night 2...

Me and my awesome cousin, Griffin =)

Our huge fire we built outside. It was a lot bigger than it looks!

Overall, the weekend was a huge success. Nothing is better than good times with good friends.


  1. Great post! The facial expressions on the food pictures are priceless.... Love Dad

  2. oh my gosh! y'all look like you had so much fun!!! it's ok to take a break! God understands :) but glad you got back to it!!! xoxo