Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blessed beyond words

Sometimes it just hits me how amazingly blessed I am. Today, it hit me. I have a husband, a family, and friends that are by far the most amazing people I have ever met. How is that I get so lucky to have ALL of them when some people have no one? I wish everyone in the world got to experience the love and kindness I receive from these people everyday. Sometimes it brings me to tears that they don't.

Here are some pictures of some people that I have been blessed to have in my life:

These awesome people

My awesome new grandparents

My other awesome new grandma and uncle!

My two new brothers

This sweetie, Andrew

This cutie, Alex

My new mother and father in law

These beautiful girls

This amazing husband

These amazing grandmas (and mom)

And the best parents a girl could ask for

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me these people.

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