Friday, June 11, 2010

Fast Update

Just thought I would give a quick update about the Daniel Fast since it has been awhile. We are on Day 9 and are doing great! Hard to believe we are almost half way done.

This weekend is going to be difficult because we are going to a friend's hunting camp for the weekend with 7 friends! It is going to be hard not to eat the delicious burgers and hot dogs they are planning on grilling =(

We are taking our own veggie burgers (which are surprisingly really good!) and praying that the Lord will grant up some serious self control.

The devotions are AMAZING. It is definitely the thing I look forward to the most about the fast everyday. Susan Gregory has some serious writing skills. Her topics are so interesting and really make you think! Last night it was about being politically correct. Not politically correct like we are used to talking about- but being politically correct for the Kingdom of God. Lots of neat metaphors.

The workouts have been killer as well. Last night I attended a kickboxing class at the gym and am so sore today! CJ at Gold's is an AMAZING instructor and I can only imagine what she would be like as a personal trainer. Yikes.

Anyway... heading to Aaron's hunting camp in Luverne, Alabama this afternoon for a weekend of fun with my greatest friends ever =) Me, Pat, Miley, Chris, Aaron, Hannah, and Griffin. Yay!

Will have pics when I get back on Sunday! xo


  1. hi haley!! so good to hear from you! your wedding looks amazing! you are gorgeous!!!! wow!!! your dress. i'm obsessed!!! so glad you are doing so well. def going to be a follower :) xoxo

  2. I am loving your blog girlie!! You are amazing!

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