Friday, June 4, 2010

Daniel Fast Day 2

We are the majority of the way through the 2nd official day of our Daniel Fast. So far it has been great! I know it is only the second day so I am not gonna go to crazy about how great I feel (minus the caffeine withdrawal headaches). Ask me again on day 10 or day 20 and I may have a different answer.

I have actually been 4 days without caffeine and the headaches seem to FINALLY be decreasing. I must say... as much of a Diet Coke lover as I was, I have not craved one yet! The constant glass of water with lemon has become quite addicting (not to mention delicious!)

Along with the partial fast diet, we are also doing a daily devotion, reading the book of Daniel, and participating in some form of daily exercise. Right now I am still in the excited phase... I am feeling good! Hummus and peanut butter have been saviors for protein. We have enjoyed having them for snacks on celery, etc.

Breakfast has been easy because I have either just eaten fresh fruit or whipped up a quick smoothie with unsweetened soy milk, one whole banana, a cup of strawberries and blueberries, a pinch of cinnamon, and a couple of ice cubes. YUM.

Yea... it's good =)

Day 1- I had a smoothie for breakfast. I had celery with hummus and a tomato with salt for lunch. I had a peach, some almonds, and some raisins for snack. For dinner we...

Cut up a bunch of zucchini, squash, and onions and sauteed them in the skillet...

Cooked some whole wheat pasta and put the vegetables on top! YUM again.

Day 2- We woke up and immediately did our devotion for the day. We drank fruit smoothies while we discussed the devotion. For lunch we had a cup of broccoli and carrots, a veggie burger wrapped in lettuce with hummus and salsa on the lettuce, and fresh blueberries.


After lunch we headed to the gym and had a great workout. I have been a little worried about the lack of protein from meat. I do not feel sluggish at all yet.

As great as the diet and stuff is for the Daniel Fast, the purpose is not for weight loss. I know that I have mentioned that before but as I am reading the book I am much more knowledgeable about what the actual purpose IS. Basically, fasting was a common routine for many spiritual leaders in the Bible including Jesus, Daniel, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Esther, John, Moses, Samuel, etc. A "fast" means to abstain from food and/or drink for a spiritual purpose. There are three different types of fasts mentioned in the Bible. The Daniel Fast is a partial fast where limited foods are acceptable and only water is acceptable. Throughout this experience we are to be in constant prayer and participate in daily devotions and Bible reading. The purpose of the fast is to draw nearer to the Lord, practice self-control from worldly things (excessive food and overeating!), and to focus on things that are important in life (our relationship with Him).

I promise not to bore you guys with lists and pictures of what we eat everyday. I will occasionally update everyone on how things are going, how we are feeling physically and spiritually, and maybe some interesting things we have eaten. Pray for us!

Until next time...

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