Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have been saying for the past two years that I want to color my hair dark. Every time I go to get my hair done I end up doing the exact same thing. Blonde Highlights. I have had blonde highlights since like... 8th grade. SO. Due to the expenses of continuing to get my hair highlighted every 8 weeks now that I am married, I have decided that when I go on Monday I will leave with dark hair. No matter what. I'm DOING IT THIS TIME!

So... here is what you lovelies have to look forward to on Monday:

What do you guys think?? Im scared :(


  1. omg i think you're beautiful no matter what but change is always good and needed sometimes! you BETTER post pics afterwards on monday!!! xo

  2. Love the richness of Miley's hair color - I think you look gorgeous no matter what - but I can't wait to see the new color!! :)

  3. With your eyes - it'll be beautiful!!