Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

I know it is only Saturday evening but our Birmingham excursion is quickly coming to an end. I am pleased to say that we completed my professional clothing shopping yesterday with khaki pants, a khaki skirt, a dressy denim skirt, a baby blue cardigan, and a silk tank that will look great tucked in a skirt with a cardigan or blazer. Overall, I am very pleased with the professional clothes I purchased and definitely think I can be a "stylish teacher". I had a fantastic time with Ariel on Wednesday and Thursday, a great "date day" with my husband yesterday, and today we were blessed with a short opportunity to see our best friends, Miley and Chris.

Shopping at the Summit on Wednesday

Looking gorgeous on Thursday morning after a late night of talking and being silly =)

We clean up nicely haha.. before hitting the Galleria on Thursday

Of COURSE I don't have an pictures from me and Pat's "date day"- I always forget! But we slept in, spent a nice amount of time at Target, went to Belk to look for comfortable black shoes, and ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. YUM.

We did manage to get some at lunch with our besties today:

I love them so much. It is so great having some "married couple" friends that can share advice, stories, and inspire us like they do.

Headed back to Gadsden tomorrow for a day of cleaning, schoolwork, and a good night sleep. Back to the real world Monday (but it is my LAST day of class). Speaking of- everyone received their student teaching placement letter in the mail today EXCEPT me because the ranch does not get mail on Friday or Saturday. Ughhh the anticipation is killlling me! I will post on Monday.

P.S- more songs to come soon!!!


  1. Yay!! Bring on the songs!! and everything else is exciting too...but im pumped about some music!

  2. More music! More music! More music! Yeah!!

  3. Cute pictures. You have an adorable blog!