Tuesday, July 6, 2010

101 in 1001

I came across this idea on a random blog and decided to do it. I googled it and found a LOT of information. An organization, Day Zero, came up with the idea to create a list with 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. The tasks are to be attainable but stretching at the same time. Why 1001 days? That's what I was wondering. The explanation makes sense though... According to Michael Green, many people set goals and do not set a realistic time to accomplish the goals. He does not believe that a year is a significant amount of time to accomplish significant goals. So- he came up with 101 in 1001 with the hopes that 2.75 years will give people a more realistic time frame to accomplish a whole lot of things. That is my summary in a nutshell. I am going to note the things I have done in PINK. SO... here is my list:
101 In 1001
1. Run a half marathon
2. Get 2,000 PROFILE views on my blog
3. Read 50 books (7/50)
4. Join a Bible Study for couples
5. Sing a solo at church
6. Shoot a gun at Mimi’s- 7/3/10
7. Get a tattoo with Pat- 2/14/11
8. Start a recipe book with all my favorites
9. Make a scrapbook of our rehearsal dinner/wedding
10. Make a scrapbook of our honeymoon
11. Get a new camera… Canon Rebel- 12/25/10
12. Start a garden
13. Stay in a cabin in the mountains with my husband
14. Go on a camping roadtrip
15. Read through the Bible
16. Go to California
17. Watch Auburn beat Alabama- 11/2010
18. Get a beach cruiser
19. Get a new car
20. Host a dinner party
21. Get Zumba certified
22. Read Wuthering Heights
23. Go on a girl’s trip- 2/23/11
24. Visit all of the State Parks in Alabama
25. Bake homemade bread for Christmas presents
27. Get a teaching job
28. Teach Zumba classes
29. Join or start a book club- August 2010
30. Graduate JSU with a 4.0- Dec 2010
31. Start on a master’s degree
32. Decorate the outside of our house
33. Stay around 120-125 pounds
34. Start writing for my book
35. Learn guitar
36. Send a handwritten letter
37. Go a week without Facebook
38. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years
39. Get photoshop or some sort of photo editing software
40. Take a self-defense class
41. Leave an inspirational note and book in public for a stranger
43. Sleep under the stars (not in a tent)
44. Write a poem and post it on my blog
45. Go on a mission trip
46. Sew or make something for the house
47. Go to the McWane Center- 7/29/10
48. Get a cool piece of antique furniture and redo it!
49. Send out 50 encouraging words (email, letter, note, text, etc.) (2/50)
50. Tour the Winery in Birmingham
51. Back up all pictures somewhere on the Internet in case computer ever crashes!- 7/7/10
52. Volunteer at homeless shelter or soup kitchen- 1/2010
53. Go to the drive in movie
54. Go on a mother-daughter trip with my mom
55. Attend a play- March 2010
56. If I get the camera... take photography class
57. No fast food or eating out for a month
58. Watch AFI’s top 100 movies (3/100)
59. Do a book review once a month (0/33)
60. Take 1001 pictures
61. Keep up with my list on my blog
62. Go somewhere on a train
63. Send a message in a bottle in the gulf
64. Go visit Grandma and Roger in Tampa
65. Take photobooth pictures with my hubs- August 2010
66. Pay it forward to a stranger… 10 times! (0/10)
67. Completely clean out car and trunk- and keep it that way!
68. Go to a professional baseball game
69. Go to a professional basketball game
70. Go to a professional football game
71. Stay in a bed and breakfast with my husband
72. Make my blog look a lot cooler- 7/1/10
73. Send Christmas cards to family and close friends
74. Take a first aid/CPR class
75. Do the 3 day cancer walk
76. Donate a bag of clothes a year
77. Photograph my outfits everyday for a month
78. Help Pat with a 101 in 1001 list- 7/2/10
79. Watch all the boys so my parents can go on a date
80. Cook my mom a delicious gluten free meal… dessert and all
81. Try out 5 new restaurants (2/5)
82. See progress through Crossfit (more specific goals to come)
83. Start a loose change jar and collect $500
84. Make Sangria for me and my husband
85. Pick up a new hobby
86. Create a calendar complete with pictures for EVERYONE’s birthday
87. Send a birthday card to everyone on the calendar
88. Post all pictures into a Flickr or Shutterfly account- 7/7/10
89. Turn 25 and LOVE IT
90. Subscribe to 3 magazines I want- one entertainment, one education, and one optional
93. Try rock climbing
94. Complete the newlywed package we got as a wedding present
95. Hang out with “the group” atleast once every 2 months (0/16)
96. Learn how to drive a stick shift- 7/3/10
97. Make a close new friend
98. Learn basic conversational Spanish
99. Organize a HUGE kickball game
100. 365 day photo challenge
101. Create a new 101 in 1001 list at the end!


  1. You go girl! I like #79 real well.... Daddy-O

  2. I really like #79. I LOVE #80 (can't wait!!). I'm ECSTATIC about #54 (ready to start planning and saving). You absolutely must do #51 TODAY! (Imperative) Mom

  3. I really like #79. I LOVE #80. (can't wait!) I'm absolutely ECSTATIC about #54. (I'm ready to start planning and saving). As for #51 it is IMPERATIVE that you do that TODAY! Love you SOOO MUCHHHH! :) Mom

  4. Glad you got the photos backed up. You would be soooooooo sad if you ever lost any of them. Also, I forgot to mention how gross number 7 is :) And all those privates????????What is that about. Love you girl. Mom

  5. That is for me to know and you to NOT know MOM! hahaha... don't you wish you knew ;) And I am pumped about 7... don't be surprised if it happens soon. mwahahaha

  6. I love it!! However, you have slept under the stars not in a tent!! Remember, we slept on your driveway in sleeping bags and saw like a million shooting stars and fell asleep to the lovely sound of a million generators!!

  7. Kelly, That was some experience, wasn't it? Hurricane Ivan and no power. The main thing I remember about that day/night/week was trying to get back into Pensacola on that 2nd or 3rd day afterward and Papa REALLY wanting us to take his truck since we were going to be transporting gas in. We sat in VERY VERY SLOW moving traffic for hours and my booty almost didn't make it since Papa's truck was a stick shift and my left foot was pressing clutch down for about 5 straight hours.... UGH, It hurts now remembering:)