Friday, July 9, 2010

Sore... from Crossfit and laughing

We just finished our first week of Crossfit and are SO sore. For those of you who do Crossfit, I am sure you have felt our pain =) For those of you who don't know what it is... It is basically a high-intensity, different every day, go as fast as you can, get your butt kicked constantly, workout. It started as a workout program for police academies and military institutions and has quickly become popular because people were seeing such huge results. I am not kidding guys, last night Pat and I died out laughing in bed when we realized we were laying there massaging each others arms. Haha.

I know this looks funny, but this is how much pain we were in! Massaging inner elbows! Who knew you could get sore there??

We are going at 7:30 am, 3 times a week for the first month as we learn all about the exercises, how to do the proper form, finding the right amount of weight, etc. Then we will begin the real stuff. I can't imagine doing the real stuff if it is much harder than this!

After we finished the Daniel Fast we thought we were awesome as we started devouring junk food and stuff again. Today, Brett (Crossfit Instructor) handed us a food list and we started laughing as we realized we are basically on the Daniel Fast again plus chicken and fish! Greatttt! Just when we thought we were out of the loop.

ANYWAY, here are some funny pictures from the last few days:

This is my husband, driving up in the driveway with a crushed baby pool strapped to his car... hahaaa

This is my husband, driving up to our house on a riding lawnmower. He drove this all the way up the street from a friend's house. Ours wouldn't work so he just borrowed one. Duh?

As you all can see, I find my husband quite humorous. We provide each other with great entertainment and lots of laughs on a daily basis. It is definitely one of the best things about being married. Lots of laughter- which really is good for the soul.

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  1. Hahaha! Is this almost like that Insanity workout? More power to you two, that is crazy. And you never know what area's of your body can get sore until you work the mess out of them and they begin to punish you with hurt.