Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little about me

I saw this on my friend Mallory's blog and decided to do it myself. She is so inspiring! Check out her blog here.

I love... God, life, my husband, my family, my dog Chloe, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, reading, singing, all music, shopping, thrifting, blogging, school, watching children grow and learn, coffee, exercising, Project Runway, Target, Peanut M&M's, water with lemon, mexican food, snuggling, I could go on FOREVER!

Right now I want... to go back to sleep to get rid of this headache!

I feel like... Jelloooo- Crossfit was intense today!

I hate it when... people talk about others and start unnecessary drama. 

I fear... losing the people I love.

I'm lonely without... I don't really get lonely. I love it when I am with my husband and family which is most of the time. If I'm not with them I read and I'm good =)

I need... to live more by faith and not worry so much!

Today I... participated in an intense Crossfit session, came home and drank some coffee while watching Regis & Kelly, and now I'm blogging and wasting time. I should really get up and do something productive... ehhh maybe not ;)

Tomorrow I'm... going to the McWane center with my mom and some of the boys, going to IMAX, running, and preparing for my Mimi and Aunt Joy to come on Friday!

I just... wish my husband was home right now =(

I want to meet... hmmm honestly I don't know? I think it would be cool to meet some celebs but I dunno. Not that big of a deal to me I guess. I would rather meet someone who has done something really awesome and significant for the world.

I love it when... I see that a child finally grasps a concept at school- it's like a lightbulb goes off and they gain so much confidence in themselves. 

I'm afraid of... uncertainty. 

I'm listening to... Robbie Seay Band

I'm wearing... sweaty workout clothes! haha... Nike shorts and a tank

I wish I was in... Italy or Spain with my husband

I want to get... some cute and comfy black shoes for teaching. Any ideas??

I can't... believe I have one more semester of school and then its real world time.

My Mom thinks I'm... her favorite only daughter, her friend, and her confidante.

My Dad thinks I'm... his little baby girl! 

I'm happy when... I'm in the sun =)

I'm sad when... I see a child that is in a terrible situation and they just want someone to love them. I could cry after being in the classroom everyday. 

I'm disappointed that... I have made some of the mistakes I have, but you live you learn right??


  1. Your Mom also thinks you are a wonderful, Godly young woman, an amazing wife, a good cook and housekeeper (can't believe I get to say that but it's true:) a great sister (or Mom Jr as Alex called you:), a trusting friend, very organized, beautiful voice, and about to be a super-duper teacher. I'm proud that you are my daughter. I love you. mom

  2. Thanks mom. That was really sweet. I love you too and am looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. I love your header :D Love that you married so young and you look amazing !!