Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can cute clothes and professional clothes be one in the same?

Goodness GRIEF it is hard to find professional clothes that are still remotely trendy. Since I am starting my internship in two weeks I realized (today) that I need teacher clothes for EVERY DAY!! I decided that I don't really wanna go with a look that screams teacher at first glance. I wanna remain myself with my style but vamp it up to a professional level. So... Ariel and I had one main goal for our shopping- find cute versatile pieces that we can wear for our student teaching experience. I was at a loss at Belk, Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Company, etc. Guess where I racked up my fellow teachers?? TJ Maxx! Here are some things I got:

4 cute sleeved tops that each go with khaki, black, or brown (some go with all three!)
A precious short sleeved denim jacket that will go with anything
A pair of gold flats

Tomorrow we have plans to go to Target to get a pair of nice khaki slacks, a khaki skirt, dressy denim skirt, and cardigan.

With all that and some snazzy jewelry, I think I can be a stylish teacher? I have GOT to beat the sterotype.

And by the way... the night without Pat was very weird and definitely not something I want to do often. He is here now though and it is allll good!

Any other professionals out there.. what do you wear to work and where do you shop???


  1. The Limited and LOFT are where i buy all of my work clothes! :) modest but still stylish! GOOD LUCK!

  2. That is what I love about scrubs!! :p