Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little glimpse...


I am constantly being inspired with blog ideas from other bloggers I have found on the internet. There is SO much blog talent out there it's unbelievable! I have found some that I love reading on a daily basis. Some for entertainment, some for fashion tips, some for deep insight on life, etc. Today I am doing this one just because it sounded fun. So, here is what's in my purse:

1. Most importantly... my cell phone =)
2. Handy dandy Coach keychain/wallet
3. Checkbook that I NEVER use
4. Mac Russian Red lipstick and Mac Cherry lip liner
5. Cargo lipstick in Eve Pinky
6. A nail file (I cannot live without this)
7. Tweezerman tweezers (the best)
8. Sally Hansen quick dry yellow polish
9. Zyrtec (can't live without this either!)
10. Foam hand sanitizer from Bath and Body in Warm Vanilla Sugar
11. Ipod touch
12. Ed Hardy lotion (not an Ed Hardy fan but definitely LOVE the smell of the perfumes)
13. Clean and Clear oil sheets
14. My camera of course!

Just a little fun thing for the morning. Will have a good blog tomorrow because I am completing one of my list items today!!

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  1. I love this idea. I saw it on another blog too and have been wanting to do it ever since!