Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Travel Itch

I have slightly settled my need to do some fun things itch... Pat and I are going on a day trip to Chattanooga on Saturday. We plan to walk around downtown, visit the shops, hang out at the park by the river, eat a good dinner, etc. I am excited! Any must sees, must eats, or must shops anyone?

Anyway, here are the places on my "before we have kids travel destinations: US edition"

I know, I know- I have never been to Vegas. Everyone has to go to Vegas at some point right?

Wine Country- Norther California. I can't imagine the beauty of strolling through vineyards...

Austin, TX- I have just heard that Austin is so much FUN

Cape Cod- looks so beautiful

Chicago, IL

Seattle, WA

It looks like we have a busy few years ahead of us doesn't it? Better start making some serious money lol. 

Anyone been to these places and have any recommendations?


  1. i've been to all. Cape Cod, Seattle, and wine country are musts! Vegas is an experience everyone should have. Chicago and Austin are also great. :)

  2. You should go to Sluggos in Chattanooga annnd there are some great hiking waterfall opps you should look into. If you can't make it to Cali soon.... I will say, NC now has turned into some sweeet vineyard country that is pretty amazing!

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