Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reality Recap

I have this crazy addiction to reality TV... American Idol, Bacherlorette, Real Housewives, Biggest Loser, etc. You name it, I watch it.

So a "blog friend" does these hilarious recaps of the Bachelorette and I thought I would do one of my own from last night's episode. If you watch the show you will definitely be following me.  I actually typed this as I was watching the show- sorry if my thoughts seem a little scattered.

I will call this episode "Crying is not attractive". Quote straight from Bentley's mouth.

Ben, you poor little hopeless romantic, you actually have some decent dance moves! I think I’m adding “be part of a flash mob” to my bucket list. How freakin awesome. But how many times have you practiced that “live in a bubble with someone” speech and why did you think you would honestly make it come true on the Bachelorette?

Ashley honey, please stop saying so many sweet things about Bentley. You clearly do not know what he is saying about you. Here are some prime examples.

Top Bentley quotes:
“I can’t believe William just said that. I mean basically I feel the same way but I’m not gonna say that to her face”.
“I hate it when people cry. It’s not attractive at all”.
“I have been saying for a long time that she’s not my type. Just not feeling it.”
“These tools, these freakin idiots, they believe me”.
“I had the opportunity and I played everyone. That is something that has never been done before”.
“I came in thinking Ashley was not attractive at all and I knew I was not gonna fall in love with her”.
“Sooo… I’m gonna make Ashley cry”.
“I actually teared up a little bit. No tear like dropped but she was definitely buying it”.
“It’s just annoying to hold a girl that is just crying. And crying. And crying”.
Seems like a really nice guy huh?

Mask man, I have no words. Did you really think she couldn’t tell what you looked like with that tiny mask covering your nose and checks?

Roast the girl you are trying to date? Who came up with this plan? Horrible idea guys… don’t try this at home.

A roast recap:
Smart move Lucas, roast Buzz Lightyear and mask man and don’t roast the girl.
Blake is hot. And funny. Nice combo.
William, you feel bad about your roast? WELL YOU SHOULD! Jerk.

Bentley, Bentley, Bentley. You make me laugh. And feel terribly bad for anyone that has anything to do with your life. And you should be an actor.

Ashley your tears were a little extreme when Bentley left. I mean you have known him like a week. It’ll be okay honey. You have 17 other guys that actually like you.

J.P you are adorable. Ashley, if your reading this, even though you have already really picked- I suggest you pick J.P.

And girl, I know you are feeling so dumb right now as these episodes air and Bentley roasts you the whole time, but I’m just hoping you picked a good guy and are so happily in love that it’s not getting to you. Big wishes huh?

Can't wait for next week. Always a good time on The Bachelorette. Maybe I'll even do another reality recap?

My faves: J.P and Blake

J.P and Ashley- pretty presh

Blake, also pretty presh.

Not sure about: Pretty much all of the rest of them!

Do you guys watch reality TV fanatically?!

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