Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Reading

As I said in my last post, I went to the beach with the Ryan family for a week. Before I went I did some very meticulous research and came up with some great books to take with me. I ended up with a very successful trip to the library.

Before we left, I quickly read:

It is a short memoir by Roger Rosenblatt. Not really sure where I heard about it- I think it was on a Yahoo reading list or something. Also not really sure how I felt about it. The book is written by a self-proclaimed nonbeliever as he and his wife deal with the death of their adult daughter. The grandparents (the author and his wife) move in with their daughter's widowed husband and the three young children. It is about the adjustments that they have to make learning to raise children again after so many years out of practice. It was good at times, lame at times. I didn't like the things he said about God either. Don't think I recommend this one.

When we got to the beach I was reading:

I liked this book but it was definitely "spicy" and very descriptive if you know what I mean. The story is about a New York senator that has his affair exposed to his family by the media. The senator and his wife have two adult daughters and the book switches between the two of them and the wife herself. It was pretty neat because it showed how the affair influenced each person's life in a different way. I would recommend if you are looking for an easy, non-thought-provoking read. I definitely have to give it an R rating though! Not for young eyes lol

When I finished Fly Away Home, I went with:

This was my favorite out of all the books I read. The book is a touching memoir by Mary Beth Chapman. If the name doesn't ring a bell- she is married to Steven Curtis Chapman, contemporary christian singer/songwriter. She tells about her very Type-A life and the major leap that it was for her to marry someone so different from her. She chronicles the birth of their children, their decision to adopt from China multiple times (where they eventually founded an organization and orphanage). She paints a very real picture of what life is like in the Chapman house. A few years ago their extremely faithful family was struck with TREMENDOUS tragedy. One of their beautiful adopted daughters, Maria, was hit and killed by their seventeen year old son's car as he came home. She shares their struggles as they grieved the literal loss of their daughter and feared for the potential loss of their heartbroken seventeen year old son that was driving the car. It is beautiful and real. Loved it. Totally recommend.

When I finished Choosing to See, I started on:

I am still reading this one and am currently at about the halfway point. I like this book a lot, but it too is very "spicy" lol. Curtis Sittenfeld created a fictional story loosely based on the life of former first lady. Laura Bush. It is about "Alice"and her life as a straight-laced Democrat. After college she was introduced to Charlie Blackwell (George W) at a barbecue. He was very republican and came from a very prominent family with several members in politics. Sound familiar? She falls in love with this man who is so out of character for her and then describes her life as he prepares to run for office, etc. Most of the events in the story are purely fictional, but the characters bear STRONG resemblance to the Bushes. Interesting. I recommend-but also rated R. 

Next up is Decision Points by George W. Bush, So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore, Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay, and who knows what else.

What is on YOUR summer reading list? Any that you thoroughly recommend?

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