Thursday, June 9, 2011


I love doing Currently posts and I haven't done one in awhile sooo.... here goes my current faves:

Current nail polish:

Sally Hansen Blu

Current music:

Adele, Dave Barnes, Britney, Nicki Minaj, Biebs- hahaha all depending on the mood =)

Current book:

Decision Points

Current food:

Uhhh been on antibiotics so I have been eaten the heck outta some yogurt. My new favorite kind:

Light and Fit Toasted Coconut Vanilla... yummm

Current TV show:

We have already discussed my ridiculous obsession with reality TV show sooo The Bachelorette is it right now. Also love Locked Up Abroad.

Current joys:

Marriage, family, cousin having a baby in July that I am SO excited about, the sweet girls I babysit everyday in the summer, getting ready to have my own classroom in August, and so much more!

Current needs:

A new head. SO sick of daily headaches. 

Current outfit:

Well at the moment  Under Armour tank and shorts because I just worked out. This tank is AWESOME.

Current wishlist:

Oh gosh... I don't NEED much of anything right now except some new gold sandals because mine broke the other day on the way into church (yes I walked around barefoot, it was tragic)

LOVE THESE but they are definitely just a "wish":

Tory Burch 

Kate Spade

But I will get these from Target and they are JUST as cute and very similar to the KS ones:

I am hoping for a new beach bag too because mine broke when we were at the beach last week! I had wayyyy too much stuff in there! I like these:

Sailor inspired from Etsy-

Calypso for Target-

Artist's tote at Anthropologie-

Current internet pictures:

Uhhh adorable...

Beautiful... love the simplicity

Why have I never tried this before? 

All images from weheartit

Current blessing:

Life itself! I am so thankful for my life, my husband, my family, my friends, my faith, and you guys!


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  1. Love this! My list is very similar ;). Just got those target gold sandals... So cute! Xoxo