Friday, June 17, 2011

iPhone photo dump

My iPhone is filling up with fun photos that I have taken over the last month or so when I got it- I thought I would share a few of my favorites with ya'll =)

 Good times at tutoring

Me and Hubs at my sweet friend Natalie's rehearsal dinner 

Me and Nat at the bridesmaid luncheon, showing off the cute bag she gave us! 

Last day of tutoring... already miss them =( 

I finally beat my dad!! The one and only time haha

 Cute decor at my cousin's baby shower.. can't wait to meet baby Wes. 

 Centerpiece- it was so cute. 

Beautiful hydrangeas from my Aunt Jill's yard 

Ahhh this kitten! I wanna squeeze it it's so cute- at my Mimi's house.  

My little brother's awesome hair the other morning

Hubs at the beach... with his cousin's hair extensions in. Kinda scary.  

Beautiful sky that day...

Us at the beach =) 

The girls I nanny found these and we nursed them for a few days before their mom came back for them.

The girl's being nuts- this is the "Superman with a wave" 

You can't tell from this picture but they were coming full speed down a hill in this plastic wagon, lol 

My adorable new bike

Beautiful lilies in our backyard. Atleast, I think that's what they are. 

These are some of my faves... be back with another dump soon I'm sure. That sounded weird. Night!!

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