Sunday, July 3, 2011


Chattanooga is awesome! How have I never been to this little gem of a place before? I definitely see myself going back often since we are only an hour and a half away. Well, for us it was about three hours because of this crazy detour we had to go on complete with stand still traffic. Fun. We ate the lunch we packed in the car and got there about 1ish.

We had some great trip advisors (some friends) that told us where to park, to ride the free shuttle, and even gave us their free passes for the aquarium. So we followed their advice and went straight to the aquarium without a hitch.

We got on the FREE electric shuttle... love free stuff lol and headed to the aquarium.

Saw some cool animals

And some funny looking ones... lol

Pat's favorite part was the wall as we were leaving. Not sure what this had to do with aquariums?

We stopped at the little outdoor market on our way out, listened to some good music, and bought some new earrings =)

Spotted this adorable place and just had to stop. 

Figured it would be okay to eat this chocolate cupcake PILED with peanut butter icing since we were walking everywhere all day right?

Stopped at a used book store. It was so junky. And the lady was rude.

Walked the pedestrian bridge and back...

Saw these adorable townhouses. I want one!

Almost died of heat exhaustion...

And then ate dinner at this awesome restaurant called The Terminal Brewhouse. Unfortunately, we put the camera back in the car because I think Pat was kind of tired of carrying it. I understood I guess. Ha- but really the place was great. I had a delicious salad with roasted pecans and chicken and goat cheese. Can we say YUM?!

We headed back home and fell asleep immediately! Long but awesome day with hubs. Loved it. Can't wait to do it again.

Any other places around me (North Alabama) that you guys would recommend checking out?

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