Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Throwback part dos

Earlier today I posted some pictures from my old computer that were from my senior year of high school... now I am about to dump a TON from the first few years of college! Maybe 2005-2008? Oh and they are alllll mixed up- I'll try and label them if I can remember =)

Freshman dorm decor

Boots and Boxers... I think it was our first social as Alpha Gams

Auburn football- friends visiting my freshman year. My GOSH my little brother was tiny. P.S he is now a little over 6 feet tall.

Sophomore year roomate... Meg

Home for Miley's lingerie shower

And rehearsal dinner...

Still friends- since middle school!

 Wedding day! Maid of Honor's, Kylie and Haley. 

On the other side of rush... soooo much hard work. 

Junior year roomate, Lindsay

One of my favorite pictures ever! Live from the dance floor at Hannah's wedding.

With my college BFF, Natalie, on her birthday.

 The best memories! Tailgating for Auburn football.

One of my very best college friends, Laura.

St.  Augustine trip... dating for a few months, 2008?

With my fresh haircut =)

Before the affairs... don't worry we are just friends =)

Hahah long story... Miley worked as an event planner at Marineland in Saint Augustine and in order for us to come visit her at work we had to pretend like we were interested in getting married and she gave us the tour of the different wedding packages. HA. 

Just riding the gator at the Alligator Farm. 

LOVE this picture. So Miley. 

And last but not least... a picture of me and Pat shortly after meeting in 2006. HAHAHAHA. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed my throwback pictures! So fun to look at!



  1. LOVE the Saint Augustine hair cut on you!

  2. Thanks Ash! So fun to look back at all the pics.

    Jessica- I loved it too but I was kinda fat then. I think I would like more now that I'm not (as) fat. HAHA.