Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life takes precedence

I'm so sorry that I have been kind of absent lately. I have been so busy with working two jobs, trying to get back on a workout schedule, and spending time with my husband and family.

I promise I am not "quitting" blogging... a few of you have asked that already! NO!!! I love blogging and expressing myself through words and pictures. It's just- lately I have really been thinking about not taking life and marriage for granted. I love my husband. I love my job(s). And they are taking up all of my time right now. I will be posting- it just might be sporadic. That cool?? I love you guys and will definitely be spending time HERE on this blog when there is time to be spent.

P.S- I got a twitter yesterday!!! Follow me at haleyryan87 if you have one. I am excited to finally enter the twitter universe! Also let me know if you have any tips for new users... cause I am definitely pretty clueless! xo

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