Thursday, March 10, 2011

First day as a paleo...

WAS GREAT! Ok, so yea it was only the first day but MAN my food was good today =) I am so sad that I didn't take my camera to work to take pictures, but maybe next time.

I started out with a shake for breakfast made with coconut milk, mixed berries, an egg (I know I was really weirded out and hope I don't die), and a splash of vanilla. Umm... definitely was my least favorite meal of the day.

On to lunch. I had a salad with carving board turkey, avocado, and oil and vinegar dressing. It was so good! I added a little salt and pepper for flavor. Delish.

Snacks were nuts and raisins and a clementine.

We had an extended day at school today to make up some time from the snow week. All the teachers ordered food and stuff. Honestly I was so excited with it being the first day that it didn't tempt me. Pat brought me a delicious dinner of homemade shrimp stirfry. Throw veggies and shrimp in the skillet with a little olive oil and cook them up and then add a little low sodium soy sauce. YUM.

We have a long journey ahead of us... but I am really excited.

I gotta go- a banana is calling my name before bed =)


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