Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Several things...

Who knew lent started tomorrow? Not me. YIKES! Giving up something for lent has always been important to me. Jesus sacrificed so much for us (His LIFE!) that I feel it is necessary to show him that we can sacrifice something for Him. Even if it is something simple. It is a good time to take something that you spend too much time focusing on... and give it up. For me- it's worrying about food and diet and weight. So for lent I am "giving up" silly diets and weighing myself all the time and in place of that we will be following a paleolithic eating plan. I have been wanting to make the step to give up processed foods and refined sugars and stuff for awhile so now seems like the perfect time.

We (Hubs and I) will be starting a day late. I think Jesus will understand. We have not been on top of things and actually just found out that lent started tomorrow... today! So tomorrow we will be doing all of our grocery shopping and then we will actually start Thursday.

To be honest, it is not going to be much different for us during the week. We eat eggs almost everyday for breakfast and chicken and veggies almost every night for dinner. The weekends and the sweet cravings and the diet cokes will be the hard part. It is kind of similar to the Daniel Fast but we can have MEAT!! Hallllellluuuujahhh!

Here is what we will be eating:

Meat - chicken, fish, beef, seafood, etc.
Nuts - pretty much anything but peanuts

And that's it! I have already been finding some good recipes... I am so excited to try parsnip fries and kale chips!

If you have any good recipes or ideas or tips let me know PLEASEEE!

P.S- I am not giving up on Project 31. Promise! I will post my comfy clothes outfit soon =) I just have been getting home sooo late from work and gym that I am just not in the mood for pictures. More like not looking so hot. haha.

P.S.S- Please pray for the Shepard/Pugh families. A beautiful 24 year old girl, Brittany, and her 15 month old son, Shep, were killed in a car accident around Troy this week. I was going to have the privilege to be a bridesmaid with this girl in May. Several of my friends were very close with her and are hurting SO bad.

Going to watch Biggest Loser and get ready for bed. LOVE YA'LL!


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