Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gone Thriftin'

I got a lot done around the house today. Got my chest of drawers and closet organized. Rearranged the cabinets to incorporate our new pots and pans. Realized I am getting obsessive compulsive about cleaning when I was scrubbing the white cabinet fronts trying to get off every mark. Seriously guys, I am a little scared I am developing OCD about cleaning! I am sure that Pat is scared since I almost cried last night when he did not rinse his toothpaste spit out of the freshly scrubbed sinks! (It's ok baby- I know you are trying!)

In order to celebrate all that we have gotten done the last couple of days I decided to go on a shopping spree.... at America's Thrift store! I am SO pumped about my purchases that I am gonna show you guys everything I bought for 23 dollars.

A few of my accessories... the one that kinda looks like a wrestling belt in this pic is actually my favorite.

CUTE denim shirtdress and gold braided belt

Black maxi dress and my wrestling belt =)

My favorite purchase... black dress with shoulder pads =)

A form fitted lacy dress... ohhh la la

My old school romper and braided belt

I also purchased 2 more skirts that I will post pictures of later if they turn out right... I am making some minor alterations to them tomorrow (like cutting off 8 inches...)

Until next time!

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